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Best Things to Do in Watertown NY

Best Things to Do in Watertown NY

Watertown, New York has some of the most amazing attractions in the world. All the places in Watertown, NY are worthy to visit.

There are so many picnic areas, recreational spots, historic points, parks as well as rivers.

The Watertown NY has all the amazing spots that let you experience an enjoyable and fun-filled stay in the city.

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the most amazing places to visit in Watertown NY. Following are the 5 amazing things to do in Watertown NY:

1.     Go for Rafting on the Black River

Though Watertown has many amazing spots to visit, the Black River tops all of them. There are 12 miles of water on which you can enjoy rafting. You can go rafting alone or with your friends. The difficulty of rafting varies from one weather to another. The spring is the most difficult time of the year to do rafting in the Black River.

Make sure to pack your waterproof suit while packing all the necessary stuff for your trip.

2.    Do Not Forget to Go Shopping in Watertown NY

There is not a single visit that is complete without shopping. Watertown Arsenal Street is a street that is packed with amazing brand shops. The street has the best stores and malls. There are also many designer shops. You can also shop from the local shops. All in all, you are going to enjoy shopping in Watertown NY fully.

3.     Enjoy Your Experience at the Thomas Park

Another most fun-filled place to visit is Thompson Park. Let us tell you that you can see lots of things in Thompson Park depending upon your arrival time. People can play games, listen to the live music performances of artists, watch the movies laying on the grass under the open sky, dancing to the beats of DJs, and more.

At Thompson Park, you can also watch the well-maintained gardens. There are also mesmerizing spectacular views. So, we recommend you to strongly visit Thompson Park in Watertown NY.

4.    Visiting the Sci-Tech Center

If you are a science geek, we recommend you to visit the sci-tech center. There is a small number of sci-tech centers in our world. Fortunately, Watertown is a blessed town to host one Sci-Tech center in the world. Whether you are enthusiastic about science or not, you should never miss out on visiting this sci-tech center. You are going to absorb lots of knowledge by visiting the sci-tech center. It will have lots of amazing sci-tech-related stuff for surprising you.

5.     A Visit to the Paddock Arcade

Like other places of Watertown, Paddock Arcade is also an irresistible spot for travelers. The Paddock Arcade has a rich history. You will find many useful eateries, offices as well as shops. So, you are going to find lots of things to enjoy at the Paddock Arcade.

These are some of the best things to do in Watertown NY. Besides these few activities, there are also many other amazing activities to do in this beautiful city.


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