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5 Things To Do in Port Clinton Ohio

Things To Do in Port Clinton Ohio

Located beside Lake Erie, Port Clinton Ohio is the best city to visit. It is a city in the Ottawa Country. It is not a populous city, which makes it an even more perfect city for traveling purposes. The landscape of Port Clinton is breathtakingly beautiful. You will surely enjoy every minute of your visit to Port Clinton. In this article, we are going to let you know the best things to do in Port Clinton Ohio.

Five (5) best things to do in Port Clinton Ohio:

1.     Enjoying a trip to the Miller Boat Ferry

The voyage of 18 minutes to Put-In-Bay is a lifetime experience. In the Ferry, you can interact with people belonging to different backgrounds. There would be so many things to discover in the Miller Boat Ferry. Once you reach the dock, there is no need to walk, by taking a bus or a taxi. They are available nearby the deck. You can check the website of MillerFerry for checking fares or schedules.

2.     Resting at the Monsoon Lagoon (Watering Hole Safari and Waterpark)

The Monsoon Lagoon is the only water park in Port Clinton city. It has well-built water slides and well-maintained pools. Adults, as well as kids, can enjoy the slide towers, lazy river, and other facilities of the park. There are also fun-filled tree houses for the kids. The food services of the Monsoon Lagoon are also satisfactory. So, make sure to spare a day for relaxing by the pool in Monsoon Lagoon.

3.     Visiting the New Museum of the Liberty Aviation

This is a new addition to the city, which increases its beauty even more. The Liberty Aviation is a working museum that was inaugurated in July 2012. The best part about the museum is that it consists of the WWII Bombers built in 1945. There are also many other astonishing things to see in Port Clinton Ohio. So, visit Liberty Aviation and enjoy to the fullest extent possible in Port Clinton.

4.     Going to the Lighthouse of the Port Clinton Ohio

How would you feel a soul of a place? You go to its historic places. Port Clinton Ohio Lighthouse is a place that was built in 1896. It was situated near the Portage River in the city. This is a pyramidal tower, which is made of the split-stone. Its brick design gives its beauty. So, extend your visit if you have not visited the lighthouse yet.

5.     Feeling the Soulful Breeze at the Lake Erie

There is a 10-acre recreational area beside Lake Erie. They are located six miles from Port Clinton, Ohio. There are so many things that you can enjoy doing at Lake Erie. Whether you are alone or have company, enjoy fishing, boating, and swimming in the state park of Catawba Island. Make sure to stay there till the sunsets. So, you get to enjoy the golden hour.

These are the top 5 things to do in Port Clinton Ohio. Already planning to visit Port Clinton in Ohio? Visit our website Eazy-Trips to find affordable flight rates and other important information regarding the accommodation.


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