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5 Best Things To Do in Anderson SC

Things To Do in Anderson SC

Anderson Country is the most fun place to visit in South Carolina. There are many beautiful places to visit as well as lots of restaurants to enjoy good food. Besides heavenly attractions, you can also witness the rich past of Anderson city. There are lots of plantations and farms. Visitors can do a lot of things in these places. For instance, you can enjoy the tours to local markets. In this article, we have given proper information regarding 5 best things you can do in Anderson SC.

Top 5 things to do in Anderson SC

1.    Drinking the South Carolina Ales

Whenever you go traveling in a city, you must taste its food. There are many restaurants in the Anderson. However, we recommend you to drink the ales of Bauernhaus restaurant. They prepare the ales locally, paying respect to the local brewers in Anderson city. The city is filled with the richness of farming. You can find this brewery a few miles outside Anderson city. You will be served sales in downtown Anderson city. So, visit the brewery and avail yourself of the lifetime enjoyment.

2.    Visiting the Farm of Denver Downs

Garrison Family owns the Denver Downs. They had been operating the Company since the year 1869. The National Register of the Historic Places also mentions the farm as a historic spot. In the beginning, the Company was a cotton farm. Then, it grew to become a dairy farm. Currently, it is an agro-tourism location. They showcase the heritage of their family to the people interested in agriculture. Thus, you can increase your knowledge by visiting the Denver Downs in Anderson SC.

3.    The Serene Sunsets at the Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell has the most amazing fishing spots in South Carolina. There is an authority that helps people in the exploration of the Lake Hartwell waters. There are also cabins at Lake Hartwell. Visitors, who wish to dwell nearby the lake, can enjoy their stay in the cabins. There are also hiking treks as well as boating opportunities to enjoy. Whenever you come to Anderson SC, make sure to pay a visit to Lake Hartwell.

4.    The Palmetto Distillery at Anderson SC

It is an enjoyable experience to witness a distillery unit. You must know that South Carolina whiskey is an award-winning beverage. We recommend you to visit the Palmetto Distillery. It produces legal Moonshine. The recipes of the Distillery are more than a century old. So, enjoy watching the making of whiskeys at Palmetto Distillery.

5.    Visiting the Sadlers Creek Street Park

The Sadlers Creek Park extends up to 395-acres that is located near the Lake Hartwell Peninsula. At this picnic spot, you can enjoy many other activities such as seeing birds, water sports, camping as well as other water-related activities. There are almost 52 campsites on Sadlers Creek Park that has both electrical hook-ups and water.

To your great astonishment, there is so much you can do in Anderson SC.  So, we recommend you spare a week at least for enjoying your visit to Anderson SC.


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